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Saturday proved to be a great example of flexibility for the Sisters of St. Joseph here at our assembly. After having spent several hours at different times preparing for our 2-day meeting and thinking the agenda was all in place, we were thrown a significant but necessary curve that could have derailed the entire timeline. But it didn’t!

After some quick thinking in two brief meetings, a way forward was determined and smooth sailing was assured. I was reminded of that this morning as I read a reflection from Meg Wheatley called “Choosing.” She says, in part:

“These critical questions require a momentary pause, a little reflection. Rather than just striking out or being reactive to a bad day, we offer ourselves freedom…we’re not trapped by circumstances or fatigue. We give ourselves a moment to look as clearly as we can at the current situation. And then we make a conscious choice. Every day.” (Perseverance, p.59)

So step back a pace or two, if necessary, take a deep breath to recognize what benefit there might be in openness, smile and then go forward into the freedom of your day. See if it doesn’t surprise you with a good outcome.