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“Thirty days has September…” If you learned that entire device to know how many days are in each month, maybe you’re like me — uncomfortable with it because it gets to: “Save February with 28 till leap year comes with 29…” at which point I was always lost because the rhythm and the rhyme went somewhere that I couldn’t follow!! Regardless of inability to correctly remember what was supposed to help, I am always aware of the brevity of February!

Today is that every-four-year-gift of an extra day and I am grateful for this “Leap Year” gift. It’s embarrassing to say but somehow I “leapfrogged” from Wednesday when I proposed attentiveness to Lenten practice to today without a thought about the six weeks of Lent!

How kind of the universe and the calendar to give me this extra time to get going! If you have been busy like me, won’t you join me in a deep breath and a deep dive into this holy season? I’ll meet you and Jesus in the desert tomorrow morning…