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Picture 026I often think about the gap in our knowledge of events during this important and terrible week for Jesus. What was he doing between the triumph and the trial? I don’t know if I ever heard or read anything of merit about these days or whether it is all personal conjecture but it makes sense to me that Jesus would have found his way to Bethany. There at least he could find rest and strength in the company of friends. And I’m betting that his mother was there as well.

Who are the people to whom you look when you need help or an understanding heart? Who listens to you without judgment so that, whether or not there is a solution to your predicament, you can see things more clearly and feel better about life after sharing your story?

Today I envision Jesus sitting with Lazarus for some “guy talk” and then with his sister Mary in silence. I can see Martha coming in and out with a cold cloth for his head or a cup of some soothing drink. All the while the presence that has always calmed him – his mother – stands by or sits by the hearth, loving him…

How will you offer safe space for Jesus today?