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alastsupperThe word “trust” keeps floating to the surface of my thoughts and experience these days. I think of how often we exercise trust in another person or group or organization without naming it or even recognizing that we are allowing it to function. We get in a car and trust that other drivers will obey the rules of the road and that we will be able to do the same. We get on a plane and trust that it will not fall out of the sky even though it is extremely heavy and is resting on nothing solid (like a road). We travel to a new city and trust others to take us to places that we could not find ourselves.

Even more elementally, we trust that people are telling us the truth if we sense that they are honest people and, when we find that we have been mistaken in our assessment, we are usually able to trust again, not giving up on the world because of one betrayal.

As we move toward the most significant days of this week where Jesus most likely trusted his disciples to be with him in all that awaited him, let us put ourselves in his position and then in the position of his companions and examine the trust quotient of each situation. Emotions may run high if we seriously ponder. Trust will be challenged. Willingness to be honest could come at a cost. Will you trust yourself?