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feetsandWhen I’m lucky enough to spend time at my childhood vacation spot of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I love to stand in the water to my ankles and feel the receding waves take the sand from around my feet. When the waves are very energetic, or when I have ventured a little farther into the sea, I am sometimes “upended” as the sand swirls around and away leaving my feet with nothing solid on which to balance.

This morning Matthew advises us to build our houses on rock rather than sand (MT 7:24-27) in order for the house to avoid destruction from wind and rain. The metaphor is clear but Isaiah deepens the meaning saying “The Lord is my rock…Trust in the Lord forever!” In this season of Advent, we might consider a slight renovation to our “house” – or maybe it’s time to wake up to the need for major overhaul! It’s a good time for it, says the gospel acclamation:

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call to him while he is near!