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godthesunIt is the psalm that calls to me again this morning – the alternate translation oozing devotion. I reproduce it here in paragraph form as a prayer for the day.

O how I love you, God, your presence is my home, my high abode. I go to be with you, my longing draws me there…Anyone who lives near you is filled with higher purpose, and fuller joy. What else is there to do but go on praising you?… Lord God of everything that is, God of my heart, listen to this humble prayer. Defend me now by simply looking at my face. Your look will be for me a healing oil that covers all…O God, you are for us the shining sun, the shielding shade, and both become the fullness of your grace and glory. And as we seek you on this pathway, we are found by good and nothing lasting is withheld from all who walk with deep integrity of life, for they shall come to trust and find in you eternal rest. And there, O God, all life is drenched with happiness and joy.   (Ps. 84:1,3,7,10-11)

May we seek and come to trust this God, our sun and shade, and thereby find our peace and joy.