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crowdThe gospel for today causes me to pause and ask if Jesus might have sometimes felt overwhelmed. We do know that he sometimes escaped the crowds for some solitude and communion with God and that the crowds got so big that there was occasionally fear that they might crush him. It was the translation of the text this morning however that made me wonder again what he felt like. It said that when they got out of their boat at Gennesaret the people recognized him immediately and they scurried about the surrounding countryside and began to bring in the sick on mats to wherever they heard he was. (Mk 6) It goes on to talk about laying the sick in the marketplaces in the villages and begging him to allow the sick just to touch him to be healed. I think of celebrities pushing to get through crowds and needing a cohort of bodyguards to help their progress – and that’s when everyone in the crowd is standing upright! For Jesus it was a question of trying not to step on people as well!

I know that my reflection sounds a bit dramatic, but then I hear the voice in my head that repeats “fully human, fully divine” and my compassion for Jesus reaches a new level. Today I will try to remember this feeling and be grateful for the example, especially if I’m asked to go beyond my comfort zone in service to others.