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As we count down the days leading to our national elections, I search for words that will speak of right judgment and trust—words of all the virtues that might help in difficult times. What seems most important today on a cold, rainy morning, however, is a straightforward prayer for peace. Empty of words of my own, I turn to Joyce Rupp for the assistance of a person whose very being exudes peace. She does not fail me. Pray with me if you will.

Peace-bringer, create in me a heart filled with the kind of love that reflects your own. Send this love to those I care about and respect. Open my mind to those I want to reject. Open my heart to those I prefer to avoid. Open my eyes to see beyond the surface of individuals and recognize your presence in each one. May my thoughts, words and deeds be devoid of violence in any form. Soften whatever is hardened in my heart so that I bring your peace wherever I go. Remind me often that I, too, am in need of this love and worthy to receive it. (Prayer Seeds, p.53)