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aheartoceanThought for the day:

Last evening as Cynthia Bourgeault was reflecting on non-dual/unitive consciousness, she used the image of water as a prompt. “Water is water”, she said. A “mass noun,” I replied silently, (as opposed to a “count noun” that can be separated into parts). If we put water into differently colored containers, it looks like the water inside is itself colored. We need containers to help us understand things sometimes but need also to comprehend that the substance in the container is not the same as the container. So it is with religions or spiritual traditions. They present themselves differently, with rules, rituals and practices that often differ. If we delve deeply, however, we find at the heart a love that cannot be contained. Today I will reflect on this thought as I experience the people I am with, here in Maine, from different places and different faith practices. If the past few days are any indicator, I will find that the love flowing so beautifully among us is akin to the ocean at our doorstep, reminding us that the flow is the crux of all that is here for us – each of us and all of us together – in a palpable vibration of love.