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alightshineAt the end of the text in Matthew that we call the Beatitudes (Ch. 5), there is encouragement from Jesus for all of us to let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father. In that single sentence Jesus has told the people that they (and all of us) have in them the wherewithal to mirror God’s presence to the world as well as the fact that our good deeds are to be seen by others. Those words should keep us from the false humility that denies our achievements and convince us that we have been gifted by God with interior beauty and goodness. The caveat is the last part. We need to remember at all times where our gifts and talents come from. So in the midst of receiving the praise of others, we acknowledge what we are able to do and who we are but also give the glory to God who has given us breath and life and the inspiration necessary for our good deeds and achievements. It is a dance of joy but also a delicate balance of receiving and letting go. All it takes is recognition and gratitude: simple but not easy, the on-going work of a lifetime.