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trustI’m thinking this morning about what a crucial role trust plays in our living and what it is that moves us to trust a person or an institution. There is so much information and rhetoric available to us today that sometimes it’s difficult to trust, yet the alternative is a very small life.

This reflection started with the first line of this morning’s gospel: When a large crowd gathered, with people from one town after another journeying to Jesus, he spoke in a parable. (LK 8:4) This was not just a neighborhood gathering. People probably walked a long way, or mounted their donkeys or put the children in a cart and took their lunch to follow the road to Jesus. Last night I had dinner with people from Virginia and Pennsylvania and the conversation moved to the Pope’s visit scheduled next week to Washington, DC and Philadelphia. The major topics were security and the traffic problems that will occur because of millions of people traveling to those cities. What is it – what was it – that causes people such a great inconvenience just to see and hear a message from such a leader? There are so many factors at play but I believe that our trust comes from deep within us where the longing of our souls and the congruence of the message within our hearts allows us to catch the integrity and authenticity of the person speaking.

Today I will attend the wedding of a young woman whom I first met when she was two months old, carried to a Church meeting by her mother. She has been well nurtured in her family and has come gradually to trust herself and her choices. Today marks one of the greatest moments of trust that she will face as she vows her fidelity for life to the young man she has chosen to marry.

Each day we face small and great decisions in our lives. We need to trust God, ourselves and often other people (I think of this frequently when driving) in order to live a full life. I will continue to ponder my trust quotient today, looking especially at what blocks me from trusting, seeking to connect with my highest, deepest self to know where truth abides. It’s a good “tune up” exercise and I invite you to join me in the endeavor.