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mitesI always thought the catch phrase/title for this text (found today in MK 12:38-44 – the Widow’s Mite) was strange somehow. This morning I realized the reason. The word mite not only means a small amount but is also a small insect – a fact which I knew but never put together – thus, my sense of distaste that has nothing to do with the poor widow! She is, au contraire, someone to be admired. As most people know, she is  the woman who gave not of her surplus wealth but from her poverty. This got me thinking about giving and how often we can find ways to give that have little to do with money. I recalled the man who came to a study day on Thomas Merton that we did earlier in the year for which he could not pay. His pastor had sent him and asked us for a scholarship. The man was grateful that we obliged but told me he wanted to do something to contribute so he had made a large pot of soup to complement the box lunches we had ordered. Not only was it a lovely gesture but many people commented on the wonderful soup. My sense is that it had something to do with the love that went into it in the making.

Today I will ask myself, what can I give of myself that will be uplifting to someone else? If I am attentive to what is happening around me, I might just see something that no one else would notice but which would bring a bright light to someone’s day.

PS: As I posted this entry just now, I saw that it is the 500th post of this blog. That seemed ironic in the context of what I have written above and made me think that, perhaps, this is my “widow’s mite” – a gift that I can give that flows from my love of God and my desire for all seekers to be gifted by God. I truly believe it has little to do with me and much more to do with what God wishes people to hear. So my gratitude is to people (amazingly!) all over the world who have somehow found our website and heard one or many messages that might be considered as words of love from a generous God!