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rememberThis morning I found in an alternate translation of Psalm 105:3-9 a striking translation of the psalmist’s call for us to remember all that is contained in the covenant that God made and keeps with all generations. I repeat it here as a reflection for today.

We rise to sing in honor of your holy name. Let every seeker’s heart rejoice and search for you with all their strength until they stand before the beauty of your face, remembering. Remember, remember everything you can recall, remember every work and wonder, remember every word God speaks to you in wisdom. Remember too that you are children of the Blessed One; your heritage goes back to Abraham and Sarah. Remember that you are servants of the Lord and chosen ones like Jacob by your God, who is the Mighty One and Master over all, whose will prevails and works succeed forever. Remember that you are partners to a covenant, a promise made and kept for many generations.