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It’s been raining here quite a bit lately – not so you would notice sometimes but gushing occasionally so that running between the drops is impossible. Mostly I find that people consider rain an annoyance while I see it as respite or a gift to the trees and flowers and, thereby, us. It’s much easier than carrying buckets around or wrapping and unwrapping a hose to give the thirsty a drink. Yes, I find it a gift to us humans as well.

This reflection could now split off into any one of several paths—agricultural, weather-wise, horticultural, environmental…and even spiritual. I prefer that last and really got the idea for this message from a post on the Franciscan website. It wasn’t a great stretch; I got the point of listening to the rain immediately because I love to do it whenever I get the chance and find it a great practice for slowing down and appreciating the workings of nature.

Whether you tolerate the rain, pray for it in dry times, or just take it as it comes, try to consider it as a contemplative gift and listen to the message it brings as one more gift in the great gift-bag of God to us.