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abrellaHalf paying attention to Psalm 102 in today’s lectionary texts, I began to hear it in a familiar chant: O Lord, hear my prayer, O Lord hear my prayer. When I call, answer me. O Lord, hear my prayer, O Lord hear my prayer. Come and listen to me. As I was moving on to the gospel I finally came to consciousness with a two-pronged question: What are the things that I (usually) pray for? and does my approach to God take such a hurried (and seemingly demanding) tone? In one translation, the way the psalmist ends the prayer is that God answer speedily. I wonder how often my “Amen” is  followed by “Thank you,” or if God needs to wait until the request is fulfilled to hear my gratitude.

Today I’m beginning a long awaited ten-day vacation trip. It’s too late to pray for good weather. The wind is blowing and it is clear that the rain will be constant all day. What should I pray for then? Safe travel, certainly, and maybe connections with new people in my life as well as interesting and even exciting adventures. (I have a raincoat and umbrella, after all, so need not waste God’s time with the weather.) I’m really leaning toward openness to all that will be part of this time away as well as acceptance and gratitude for everything.

In that spirit, I ask that you pray me along. I spent time yesterday choosing quotes from just a couple of sources that seemed to me worthy as “thoughts for the day” and will let Mary Pat, our website wizard, post them as she will. So thank you for your prayer over these days (and your perseverance with this blog). I’ll be back to wish everyone a Happy Easter!