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Of all the images that are meaningful in multiple cultures, I suspect that the heart (đź’•) is most easily understood. I often use the image that you see here because, for me, it not only suggests love in all its meanings but also indicates a relationship—two hearts in tandem. Today I’m reflecting that the larger heart sits below the smaller one. That could have any of several meanings…what do you think? (Stop here to reflect.)

Today is the celebration in my Church of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. That means it’s a BIG feast, an important day! I’m happy for that designation for several reasons (as you have already uncovered if you answered my question at the end of the first paragraph). When I was in elementary school, one of the short prayers that we learned as a leader/response was: “(L) Sacred Heart of Jesus, (R) I place all my trust in Thee.” It was a reminder before an examination, a hope for success in any attempt—scholarly, sports contest, oral test…anything, and to the degree that we believed in the power of God to hear us, we trusted the eventual outcome. The overarching trust factor was, of course, our certainty that God loved us—and all His children—more than we could ask or imagine. Not a bad way to grow up.

Today I am aware of God as love in a visceral way. There’s a lovely breeze ruffling the tree outside my window in the back yard, a soft kiss, one might say. Out there also, through my open window, I am hearing a consistent—VERY LOUD—bird call. We have been trying for two days to recognize the bird who is speaking but have yet to identify it. So he ( I think it must be a male) continues his quest for attention—like God does with us so often, never tiring of the effort for our notice. 

God is everywhere,  we learned as children, and if we have nurtured this belief and stay still and quiet, we can sometimes hear and maybe even feel the heart of God beating in us and for us. It is the echo of our own loving heart, beating in tandem with our God.