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As I looked at the date of my last post I wondered if we all had ascended to another plane last Thursday—or if I did so and had disappeared from the world of the internet! I joke of course, but there is a part of me that thinks more has changed than the date on the calendar. For the last 15 months it has seemed that life was slowed down because most of our activities were cancelled or at least truncated. Now it seems we are on the opposite trajectory and some of us are trying to keep up.

I am so grateful that vaccines have been found to be successful and fear of Covid-19 is diminishing. I want to “get back to normal”…but I wonder now what that will look like. Asking questions about what is possible and what is feasible and what is sensible play in my mind by turns. I am committed to writing as I have heard from many of you that it is a worthy practice and it seems so also to me. I’m just not certain that it belongs to the morning because often my mornings are now taken up in different ways and you can see the result! If it isn’t done in the morning, it does not happen. I have made that a rule so that it gets accomplished but lately see that the rule has been limping at times.

So, what to do? I ask myself. I have no answer just yet but if you will persevere with me, I will do the same with you. Stay tuned, please! (And thank you for your perseverance!)