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I don’t often consider the entire world as I read the news of the day. There seems always to be enough to think about either close to home or in some far away land that is struggling at present. Today I am grateful for the sunshine and the springtime beauty outside my window but reading a message from my cousin in Australia jarred me into the reality of distress the world over. It wasn’t enough to find the political chaos in the USA. In jumping to Australia with the horror of being overrun with mice, especially in New South Wales, I had the sense of being in an airplane, looking out the window and imagining what was happening in all the places over which I flew – including the waters, large and small, I might add…so it is clearly a day for this prayer from the book, Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits, entitled “God Bless the World.”

Mighty God, Father of all, Compassionate God, Mother of all, bless every person I have met, every face I have seen, every voice I have heard, especially those most dear; bless every city, town, and street that I have known, bless every sight I have seen, every sound I have heard, every object I have touched. In some mysterious way these have all fashioned my life; all that I am, I have received. Great God, bless the world. (p. 152—John J. Morris, SJ)