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I don’t know how it got to be evening prayer time, but I trust that a late word from Philip Newell will serve as a worthy replacement for our normal morning prayer. You see, my morning started early with an important appointment and was followed by similar events until now…and it’s been steadily raining now – a beautiful rain really, quite nourishing, I’m sure, to the trees and the lawn. I have been really amazed at the unfolding of the springtime in our neighborhood. The flowering trees are glorious and the green, deciduous trees look like they’re already dressed for summer! But I digress…

Here is a brief prayer for evening reflection, perfect now because the rain has stopped and all is quiet.

In the silence of our hearts or in spoken words let us give thanks for the gift of this day and pray for the life of the world

O God of heaven, you are present on earth. O God of the stars and planets, you are in the midst of the city. O God above all things, you are in the depths our being. The river of your eternal life runs through all things. Let us be glad to be bearers of your eternity. Let us be glad to find you in one another.

(J. Philip Newell (Celtic Treasure, p.150.)