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I think it must have been difficult for the disciples in the period between the resurrection of Jesus and the time when He was no longer present on the earth. In Luke’s gospel this morning we hear Jesus saying, “Why are you troubled? Why do questions arise in your hearts?” (LK 24:35-48)

They were just simple fishermen, not used to the miraculous. Maybe they had seen healings during the time that Jesus was with them, but rising from the dead?? Not so simple. I wonder if I would believe in a resurrected master even if my longing would want it to be true. And Jesus was rather selective about those he appeared to during the post-resurrection time. My question to God sometimes is: Why wouldn’t I be troubled or have questions?

Today might be a good day to try to put myself in the place of the disciples at this time, taking the opportunity to answer their questions: What might it feel like to be in this state that swings from desperate loss to amazing recovery of faith in seeing Jesus again in the flesh—and back again to a time of loss? See how long you can stay there, what it feels like and then what causes you to still believe as you do without seeing him…I think that might be an instructive time for all of us…