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My body can hardly sit in this chair because it is 9:20 AM and I have yet not settled on a thought worthy of being written. I keep trying to fit thoughts into a lesson from Thomas Merton. He sounds like I feel on this cloudy but still morning and it makes me smile that a great writer/theologian could find himself in the same state as someone like me. He says this:

My mind is scattered among things, not because of my work, but because I am not detached and I do not attend first of all to God. On the other hand, I do not attend to Him because I am so absorbed in all these objects and events. I have to wait on his grace. But how stubborn and slow my nature is. And how I keep confusing myself and complicating things for myself by useless twisting and turning. What I need most of all is the grace to really accept God as He gives Himself to me in every situation. (Entering the Silence, p. 199)

So I guess I’ve found my place for the day, after all!