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As we keep stretching toward the spring with all the beauty of nature, we hold on just a little longer, satisfied (as much as possible) with the tiny sprigs of green—the daffodils—that cling to the the side of the house where they can be warm enough to push up through the ground. I peek out each day measuring their progress by inches and cheering them for their willingness to stay the course. And I thank God for any sign of progress that strengthens my hope in nature and humanity. And so I pray:

That you have placed a harmony of lights in the heavens that night is followed by day and the glowing of the moon by the glistening of the sun, thanks be to you, O God. That you have placed a harmony of lights in my soul that there is a gentleness and firmness of strength, intuitive knowing and enlightened reasoning, thanks be to you. Let me be so sure of your laws of harmony in all things that I seek it in my own depths and in knowing it in my inner life yearn for it in the torn relationships my world, man and woman, black and white, sun and moon in a harmony of movement. (J. Philip Newell, Celtic Benediction, p. 46)