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So now again it is March—and raining. The capricious month is back. Has it come quickly for you or does it seem as if we have been dealing with unexpected happenings for a very long season? “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” we say. I think the lion has been with us for a very long time. Can you go back in memory to early March of last year (for us 3/12/20)? Could you have even conjectured what was brewing? And how have you navigated events since then? Have you settled into a routine that allows you some sense of achievement or is lassitude a constant companion? Who and/or what are you missing that has been impossible or restricted over these past months? Have there been any benefits? How has your spiritual life survived/thrived?

So many questions…so many changes. Should we say today: “Happy New Year,” just hoping against hope that the vaccines that have been approved will be an answer for us if we continue for a specified time to follow the protocols of mask-wearing and hand-washing and social distancing? (That seems like a BIG IF). Are we up to the task ahead of us? (Perhaps we are lucky that it’s Lent, the season of disciplining ourselves for the good of the whole.) If we’re still waiting for our “start-up” practice to begin in earnest—for our inner strength to kick in—perhaps we ought to add a prayer practice that will get us back to a routine—even if it’s just “Good morning, God! Thank you for this day!” when we wake up and “Good night, God. Thank you for this day” before we sleep each night.

We seem to be on the verge of better days. Let us hope for that but persevere no matter what is ahead of us. God bless us all!