Did you think I went on vacation without announcing my departure? Not so! I have been here…but am reminded of a line from a John Denver song as I write that…(“The days they pass so quickly now; the nights are seldom long…” from “Poems, Prayers and Promises“). That’s how it’s been really. I looked last night at “recent posts” and was horrified that I had skipped the past three days! It’s been a time of continuous interruptions, essential activities, exhaustion and lassitude. That sounds so dire when in fact nothing of import seems to have happened except the unwieldy snowfall…but truly, we are living in a “time out of time” this year, hoping that it is almost over, thinking that it must be coming to a conclusion, hoping for a better tomorrow and wishing we could take better advantage of the moments and hours of every day.

As I sat motionless this morning in the very chair that I inhabit most and looked out at the stillness that seems quite a bit like a frozen scene on a Christmas card, I let my mind roam without attempting any disciplinary action! Sometimes we just need to be where we are in the moment, it seems. I don’t know of any benefit that might have accrued from that brief half hour. I didn’t have any deep and meaningful revelations but I’m trying to just “let it be.” And it feels peaceful.

So I guess the word for today – as I wait for the Christmas that will be unlike any other – is sufficiency. What is, is, and that is enough for now. May it be so with you today.