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My brother in California let me know yesterday that our smallish city of Binghamton, NY made the national news because 41 to 44 inches of snow had accumulated on our properties – depending on our location – airport, valley or downtown. The only “moving parts” that I knew about around here all day and into the night were a few courageous birds, the highway crews and our own Sister Susan who plowed, blew (with the snowblower, I mean) and shoveled a path from our garage to the road, just in case we needed a way to exit the property because of an emergency. For the rest, all was still and unmoving.

Susan’s efforts reminded me of the call of the prophet Isaiah (40:3) to “clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness. Make smooth a highway for our God!” Perhaps you think my comparison a stretch but if you have ever tackled that amount of snow, especially with a stiff wind, a temperature of 18 degrees (F) and the dark of night, you might agree that it is fair. It certainly gives me pause and fuels my desire to regroup each morning my energy for finding the Christ life that exists inside me regardless of the darkness around me.

We’re almost there. A new day is certainly coming. We have not one but two vaccines to fight the virus that plagues us. We have a new governmental administration that will be place in less than a month and – most importantly – we have our hope in the One who longs for us and whom we trust. Our Scriptures call out today with vigor saying, “Come and with outstretched arms redeem us!” What is your response?