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It’s very cold outside in Windsor, New York today. And it’s snowing, that persistent, almost invisible kind of flakes that could come all day long and only equal about an inch of what we know to form when the humidity quotient is low. I am partial to snow of any kind. Of course the kind that allows snowman-building and good skiing is prettier but not so helpful for people who have to drive through it.

I may have said this recently but I always think when I see snow in the morning of something I heard long ago from someone whom I do not remember. “Snow is a new beginning,” the phantom person told me and so I hold on to that hope today, as I do each time I wake up to a snowy morning. Concomitantly, snow is a quiet happening, which always brightens my day.

Earlier this week I found a sheaf of smallish lime-green papers stuck in a 15-year old journal from my annual retreat in 2005. There were several pages of quotes from various sources (most likely to help with reflection in quiet moments), but just one page without a source. Somehow, it feels perfect for this slow, quiet, snowy morning. Do with it what you will.

Each day is a gift, an opportunity, a treasure—because God is the one who gives us the breath of life, places before us a purpose and direction, allows us to enjoy the wonder of God’s presence and the union of God’s love. You are not here by chance but by God’s choosing. God’s hand has formed you and made you the person you are. God compares you to no one else…You are one of a kind…You lack nothing God’s grace can’t give you. God has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill God’s special purpose for this generation. (Anonymous)