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There is a retreat going on this weekend by zoom which ends today in an unusual ritual for some of us. We’ve been directed to bring a horn or drum or actually anything that makes noise. I’m presuming it’s because of the lectionary reading from Isaiah 40 which calls us to “Go up on to a high mountain; cry out at the top of your voice. Fear not to cry out and say to the cities of Judah: Here is your God!” The psalm (85) follows with a message that we should be waiting to hear — a message of truth and justice, kindness and peace. How the world is longing for those qualities, that feeling of safety and calm!

How loudly are you willing to shout for God—to God—to wake up the world with the message? Do you believe that God is with us/in us and that we are the ones who need to wake up? Don’t be shy about shouting or “blowing a horn” in Church. Now is the time for extraordinary measures! If you are absolutely unable to shout to God in the presence of anyone else, GO OUTSIDE AND CALL TO GOD IN YOUR LOUDEST VOICE!!!

I guarantee it will be a cleansing experience!