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On the verge of our Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A. when we are being reminded of the gifts of God to us, we ought perhaps to stop and remember all of what comes from the earth to nourish us – as this was the goal and celebration of the first Thanksgiving meal here in our country. Our earth is a great gift that keeps on giving, regardless of how we misuse or ignore her participation in our lives.

In preparation for tomorrow, let us enter into a prayer of praise with the earth for the God who gives us all good gifts. Try to picture the prayer, PS 98 in images, vivid as they are, in the words of Lynn Bauman – and be sure to smile as you pray.

Praise God till all the earth itself becomes a song, till seas and all the waters flow and waves begin to dance with land and all the peoples sing. Let every river lift its hands to clap in time, while hills and valleys join in song to offer hospitality to the Holy One who comes to right our every wrong. This God will weigh the worth of everything that was, and is, and shall ever be, so mercy can be known in full and justice here be balanced with compassion.