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When I was younger, trying to explain something to my father, he would often say: “Short stories…” (Which, in his Boston accent sounded like “shot” stories) and meant that he didn’t have much time so he needed to summarize or simplify. That came to me this morning as I looked at the time when I pulled myself out of bed after (blessedly) almost 8 hours of sleep and looked as well at necessary tasks for the day. So here is today’s effort at a meaningful word:

The refrain for Psalm 24 (the psalm in today’s lectionary) calls out: Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face! I can imagine entire communities who have been enduring months of quarantine, fear of the Covid – 19 virus, political unrest (the similarities in so many countries!) and economic distress praying to know the presence of God with us.

Who are the people with whom you can join to find support for that need? Can you come together, physically? virtually? for support? Are you in a place of trust that you can impart to others, the person whose faith is not being tested right now? We need each other. Reach out at least to one person today. Share the truth of your situation – and your care. Amen!