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Although it’s a little late to be looking for signs that mean “Snow is coming!” (since it has already appeared as predicted this morning!), I found an interesting list of “signs of snow” on the internet today. In an effort to maintain a lighthearted attitude toward a beautiful but difficult reality that will now likely be with us for several months in this area of our country, I choose to share what I learned.

Seven natural signs of snow:

  1. in the Alpes, big flowers are usually good signs.
  2. In Scotland, the locals observe snowberries bushes.
  3. In France, snow cover can be predicted by the thickness of onion skins.
  4. Ants are the main winter weather predictors on Ischgl, Austria.
  5. In Italy, it’s the bees that are closely observed.
  6. Flying creatures are monitored by the local ski patrol in Aspen, Colorado. (especially Black Rosy-Finches)
  7. The First Nations aboriginal people in Canada observe the coats of their horses who shed their summer coats and grow a new winter coat in the autumn.

If it’s snow-time in your neighborhood, give thanks for the beauty, bundle up and be careful out there!