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Lynn Bauman, in his translation of the Psalms, characterizes Psalm 15, the psalm for today, as “Friends of God.” Who wouldn’t want to be in this circle? Here are some of the criteria listed in response to the initial questions to God about: Who may approach the summit of your mountain strong? Who may come invited to your presence there? Listen to a few of the requisite behaviors:

  1. Those who live their lives devoid of blame, who do what is right, and from whose hearts truth is the only word;

2. Those who treat their neighbors as their own, their kind;

3. Those whose promise is as good as any word they ever give, even in the face of loss or gain;

4. Those who give and give and ever give again without hope of getting in return…

I think I have some climbing to do before reaching the summit of that holy mountain but the good news, as I see it, is that God is standing up there, maybe with a megaphone (depending upon the distance between us) cheering us on with lots of enthusiasm…so we’ll all get there…together!