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I woke this morning—late—to blaring sun and a beautiful sky. Stillness was all around. That was almost two hours ago because I opted for coffee in the kitchen. These days there is an inevitable turn toward the political news in our morning coffee hour, and even though the election is over, much of the distress remains. I doubt that “business as usual” will ever exist again, at least in the way we have known it and, for some reason, I believe that today is the day that I must begin to accept that fact.

That’s rather a monumental thought for a Saturday—which is usually the day to attend to household chores… It will call up every ability for clarity that I possess to deal with the issues indicated in never going back, because there is no road map for going forward—and I love maps!

How would you cope with a completely new reality that was a challenge to your way of doing things? Are you willing to entertain that thought? I will need the rest of the day to just get started on that conversation with myself. If you plan to take the challenge, I wish you clear skies and a peaceful journey. May we meet “on the other side.”