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Here we sit with knowledge of unprecedented numbers of votes having been cast in our national elections – a very good thing – and with incredibly close numbers of those votes for each of the two presidential candidates – not such a good thing. I say that because that split in the vote is so indicative of the divide in our country. More than ever before as we continue to see new numbers with each report, we cannot imagine how a reconciliation will be achieved. I do not mean, of course, that I would ever hope for a world or even a country where everyone held all the same ideas, where there was no diversity; that would be boring! So what do I mean?

Lynn Bauman’s translation of the psalm for today (PS 112) speaks of how we need to proceed in life, and I think it is a fitting way to move forward. It begins with Hallelujah! and continues in a statement of what we might call “best practices.” See if you don’t agree.

I speak in praise of all the truly blessed upon the earth. They stand in awe, aware of God, and listen carefully to every breath and word God utters. (That would certainly take a great deal of attention! Later in the psalm we hear a darker side of life and how “the blessed” manage to keep the faith): In all the dark and bitter places of their lives the light remains and brightly burns with mercy and compassion, for these they balance with righteous laws.

As the days pass and the outcome seems close to a resolution, I can only hope that our “better angels” are with us as we strive for peace and compromise.