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Today is the feast of St. Jude, the Apostle. He has been designated “the saint of desperate or hopeless cases.” I don’t think much about that but I suppose that has something to do with my trust that God is in charge, rather than I, myself. I read something today that made me consider an option to hopelessness – something that keeps me going, I mean. It’s patience. And that’s a growing thing. It seems to be a close relative of perfection; we don’t come into the world with it. Rather, we need to grow into it. Here’s what Meg Wheatley says about patience.

It’s not that we start out patient. We don’t persevere because we are patient people. We become patient people because we have to. There is no choice — the work is endless. Everyday we have to make a choice. Will we give up or will we keep going? When day after day we are willing to keep going we discover, quite to our amazement, that we have become patient. And then we just continue on. Day after day. (Perseverance, p.141)

Think about it. We’re still here, aren’t we? So let’s hear it for another day!