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Psalm 128 tells us quite clearly today (in the translation of Lynn Bauman): Your life is filled with hidden blessings which overflow from your hands—the gift of many labors. For it is God, the center of the heart, who prospers life until its end.

We might not feel that this season is full to overflowing with blessings but if we can look more deeply into things and take the long view we might agree with St. Paul. Speaking for myself, if I look at the rhythm of my days, I see that my work has changed significantly during the pandemic. It has become, at the same time, more simple and more challenging. Simpler in the tasks of service to my housemates: trips to the post office and the bank with proper precautions, time at home together praying and even planning and executing new menus for meals which teaches me that the challenges are not as daunting as I thought and the results and benefits of a successful meal are better than I expected.

The more challenging side of life is trying to maintain a work schedule that keeps the Sophia Center going. Challenge is primarily in the realm of technology so I have learned to admit what I can and cannot manage and it becomes easier to ask for help. I am blessed with wonderful women who provide that. The upside of navigating the shifts in how we present and participate is the depth of sharing as well as the fact that participants can attend whether from downtown Binghamton or in the far reaches of Florida or the Northwest USA. Our zoom calls keep digging the roots of our sharing deeper and our recognition of our oneness beating in our hearts.

All in all, I am reminded by Psalm 128 to look for the “hidden blessings” and remember that I will surely find God in the search.