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In Lynn Bauman’s book on the psalms, Ancient Songs Sung Anew, the commentary speaks of the concept of metanoia, one of my favorite terms for reconciliation or turning around. In a more exact rendering, it is Greek for “after or beyond the mind or thought.” It suggests a change of mind or heart, a spiritual conversion or even a re-formation. There is (of course!) a song by the Saint Louis Jesuits that speaks well of that process, with God saying: ‘Turn to me, O, turn and be saved,” says the Lord, “For I am God. There is no other, none beside me. I call your name.” It’s that last part that always makes me stand to sing it and move my body slowly to the music in a circle while almost stationary (just tiny movements of my feet) that takes me in the opposite direction to where I was facing.

Hearing God’s call is always a motivator but we need to be still and attentive to hear the voice. It helps to use our bodies to listen. Try it. (Song on YouTube “Turn To Me,” by John Foley) Be sure to listen to the verses…Try it. You may like it.