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The commentary in my “go-to” book about the psalms held a wake-up premise and question this morning at the beginning of the reflection page for today’s text. I think it will be enough to help me step out of the monotony that has crept in to slow me down and get me growing again. Here’s the text to ponder.

This Psalm (33) is an invitation to examine our lives in relationship both to our inner world and the world around us. In both cases God is at the center and the question to ask ourselves is what is the balance of relationships we experience there at each level?

If you need a little help with the question, here’s an additional prompt:

Notice that this psalm can be used in two directions. It can be used either to bring harmony and balance, or to force our personal agendas…Let your imagination range over your own activities to see where the balance of power lies in your life. (Ancient Songs Sung Anew, p.80)