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I have lately been graced with pictures of several babies very recently born and I am stunned at their faces. For me, new babies always seem beautiful but these days it is the quality of awareness that seems prevalent. It’s as if they have something important to say – even if only a week after their arrival! Perhaps that is why they have come now: to give us hope for a future that seems rather dim. Maybe they will be the ones to solve all the problems that we seem to have been unable to achieve or unwilling to take on because it all seems too difficult. Maybe they are here to give us confidence that there are better days to come.

Today I am praying for all children, especially that ones who have recently arrived. My prayer is that they will be generous and loving, insightful and willing to help others rather than just seeing to their own needs and wants, and convinced that they themselves are lovable and loved just for who they are. That would certainly lift up the world.

But who will teach them if we don’t – by our own actions, i.e. words informed by deeds?