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Reading Psalm 119 seems sometimes like a circumnavigation of the world. This – the longest psalm – is a masterpiece consisting of 176 verses divided into 22 stanzas, one stanza for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Within each stanza, each of the 8 verses begins (in Hebrew) with that letter! The text of this psalm exhibits the love for God’s word and for the divine law.

Sometimes one or two verses are enough for a day of pondering, like today where the translation from Ancient Songs Sung Anew proclaims: Save me from the choice of self-deception. Let all your words become for me a living grace, that I might learn to hear your inner word, your deep instruction. (vs. 29, 72)

So many meaningful messages in those two short verses: self-deception, living grace, inner word, deep instruction. Those are mine…What have you heard today?