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As I sit this morning waiting for words that will satisfy the need of today I become aware that the heat is on in our house. I’m not speaking metaphorically but literally. I can hear the furnace churning away through the vents in the floor. It’s just 37 degrees (F) outside – startling for those of us who are not aware of the turning going on out there. How did it get to be the last third of September? Do I really need to be trying on warmer clothes to see if they fit? Must I ready my brain and my heart for the shift to all that the change of season means? We’re on the verge of the autumnal equinox (9/22 – next Tuesday!) after which we cannot deny the shorter days. How will life be different this year as we move toward fall and then winter in the northern hemisphere? Where will we be at year’s end? And what of our neighbors to the south? Is there more than the weather to consider for all of us going forward?

I’m aware of a rising consciousness in me that warns not to wait, allowing myself to float along the days. (I think of the squirrels who will soon be gathering their nuts for winter.) What preparations will be necessary to meet the challenges of the endings and beginnings this time? I think it might be wise to begin shifting, to wake up, open our eyes and say “yes!”.