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I was reminded this morning of the gift that is ours in the beauty of music. I was reading an interview with Andrea Bocelli where he speaks of what music does for the “human heart and soul,” something that I agree is necessary to us, perhaps more important than ever in our lives now. See if you agree with him.

Bocelli says: “Music is like a dear friend, one that never leaves your side. It is a universal language with the strength and ability to affect our conscience, helping us to do better. Music is also a source of spiritual enrichment, which is why knowing its language can be useful for everyone, not just those wanting to make it a profession.

When music embraces beauty, it soothes us, makes us grow, heals us by directing us toward rectitude. It can also lead us toward a fuller mystical experience.” (blog.franciscan media.org – Andrea Bocelli on Music and Miracles, August 26, 2020)

What is the music that can alter your mood, lifting you to a place of beauty, joy, peace or promise? Might you give yourself the gift of music today?