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Geese are squawking on the river beyond our land as morning breaks. Not just a new day but a new week is dawning and hope begins to rise in my heart. It is as if we might be returning to a sense of normalcy. As soon as the silence is overcome by human activity, I know that the morning news will bring a different feeling to the day, but just for now I am grateful for the sense of possibility that helps me remember the goodness in life.

John Philip Newell is my guide as I step into this day. Here is his prayer.

I watch this morning for the light that the darkness has not overcome. I watch for the fire that was in the beginning and that burns still in the brilliance of the rising sun. I watch for the glow of life that gleams in the growing earth and glistens in sea and sky. I watch for your light, O God, in the eyes of every living creature and in the ever-living flame of my own soul. If the grace of seeing were mine this day I would glimpse you in all that lives. Grant me the grace of seeing this day. Grant me the grace of seeing. (Celtic Benediction, p.2)