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I’m reflecting today on invisibility. I’m aware of the reality of that condition because we are seeing each day the drastic effects of Covid-19 but have no ability to see the actual virus itself. It’s invisible and thus we have no power over it. We can try to keep it away from us. We can submit to all of the practices that are offered by the medical experts and government officials to avoid the virus but we can never be sure that we have avoided infection unless we stay home alone and have no contact with others in any way – and that is almost impossible unless we grow our own food, etc. Moreover that lack of contact is detrimental to our spirits. Regardless of how careful we are, we are still at the mercy of this virus because it is invisible.

The word invisibility contains five vowels – all the same: I, I, I, I, I. My computer refuses to recognize lower case as I type which indicates to me that I am a “one-of-a-kind,” essential element in this life that we now share. The situation grows more frustrating every day. What can we (each) do to shift our perspective and find ways to help each other through this crisis? Sitting and lamenting does not help (although legitimate complaints are allowed once in awhile). Phone calls to loved ones, notes in the mail, prayers for one another…and what else can I do for you?