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I was just reading some poems about rain, trying to find something that would mirror my feeling. (We are destined for a consistent rainfall all day.) I couldn’t find anything that was even slightly consistent with my sense of the day…which at this hour is just beginning, so difficult to assess. But here I am, listening to a steady light tapping on the roof accompanied by what resembles “white noise” hitting the leaves—neither of which I find distressing.

I love rain for the life it brings to gardens and the determination it gives to me for attending to household chores. Of course, there is also the luxury of nap-time when the chores have been successfully concluded. And there is nothing like a step outside to breathe in the fragrance of the rain and the freshness of the air when it is over.

Yes, sunshine is fine and also necessary for growth, but give me a walk in the rain on a day like this and I will be a happy girl!