I woke up today with the word INSPIRE floating in my consciousness. I didn’t know what I was meant to do with it but I supposed it had to do with yesterday’s blog topic of “Connections.” I was feeling a bit adventurous as I turned on my computer. First I entered the word inspire looking for synonyms. Trust me, there are many! I liked the most active ones, like “urge or spur on to something creative” or “motivate” but was content as well with words like influence and guide. Then I was reminded that the first thing I had thought (when only half awake!) was about breathing in, the most simple and natural thing that we do – in addition to exhaling, of course.

So the reality that something so simple is also the most essential thing we do all day, every day (lest we expire before our time!) makes me want to be as alert as possible all day long! May it be so with all of us.