Spiritual practice is becoming a vast arena in which we can all find something that serves us in our spiritual need for connection to our “higher selves,” God or “the Divine” – however we name what is deepest in us. The Sophia Center offers an ongoing series of book studies, occasionally using other than a regular book. We have offered poetry, art, logia of the Gospel of Thomas, etc. as well as meditation, all ways of connecting, hoping that at one time or another the participants will find what speaks to them in a way that touches a new and unique spark, leading deeper into grace.

Yesterday, in our afternoon and evening sessions of our bi-monthly gatherings, we listened to and then discussed brief segments of a Musecast of Jan Phillips, recorded on June 21st of this year. The resulting conversations were extraordinary. Much of what we heard was from Jan’s book, Creativity Unzipped and all was worth our reflection. The strength of the meeting for me, however, was in the sharing, wherein we came to see and understand what was stirring within us in response to Jan’s invitation to deep reflection and a calling to hope in this moment so different from “normal life.” Here is my favorite part:

As creators, we too are responding constantly to the world around us. Every unfolding event is grist for the mill, every human adventure, every relationship, every challenge, every headline. We are stimulated by outside events and we respond creatively, though the seed might take years to come to fruition. The creative process often calls for deep patience, long periods of reflection and incubation. There is no rushing it, any more than one can naturally rush the birth of a baby. Our creations arrive on their own terms in their own time.

What I heard myself express when I spoke in the group was a retrospective of how all my various ministry positions had led me to just this moment when I am so desirous of helping others to connect with one another on our journey toward deeper oneness. It was a truly graced moment because of Jan’s speaking in addition to the attention of those receiving the message and the energy they offered me in hearing of my experience.

I heartily recommend your reflection on the italicized paragraph above. Read it aloud if possible! Contexualize it in your own experience and see if it holds true for you. What can you learn for the exercise?