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A common question these days for many of us is: “When will this be over?” or “When will we get back to normal?” Everyone knows what we’re talking about. People are busy making masks and scouting stores for much needed cleaning products and trying not to talk politics. The surprising thing for me is how little of what I plan to do is achieved in a day. Especially now that the temperatures outside are so stifling, there seems little energy for all the cleaning projects around the house or the phone calls that have fallen by the wayside. The answer to my first question seems to be the same each day: Nobody knows when or if there is an ending point to this “season” that we’re experiencing.

While I hesitate to do so, I want to share a short paragraph that Alan Cohen wrote long before we ever heard the term COVID-19. I do so because of the frustration hidden in every day when I come to the evening annoyed by my failed attempts to get anything done. It has given me this morning a chance to hit the re-start button on the day and a determination to be where I am rather than where I would choose to be. I hope you are similarly blessed by his wisdom when trying to see it as valid even now.

Trust that you have enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Love does not worry or force: it flows. Relax into what is happening, and the peace you enjoy will be accompanied by the clarity and efficiency you gain. (A Deep Breath of Life)

I never would have ascribed those thoughts to what we are experiencing now but, having read them earlier, I have begun to feel their relevance. Just breathe into the thoughts and see if you are able to see the value in it at all.