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I was on a zoom call at 7:00am today, the last Monday of seven offered by my friend, Bill Redfield. Getting up and being ready for a morning reflection by then sounds for me like a daunting project but the value and rewards are definitely worth it. There have been 26 others who feel it a privilege to be in such a company of seekers and I find myself to be the luckiest as some of the participants are in the Northwest USA and for them it is 4:00AM when we begin. Today I met Francis, a man from Australia who was anticipating a night’s sleep at the end of our gathering!

I am astounded that when we arrived in our small group room today we were three Catholics, one from the US, one from Eastern Europe and one from Australia, all of whom have a spiritual practice called Centering Prayer. Our sharing was only 20 minutes so we skidded along the edges of what could have turned into a deep and meaningful conversation of similarities and differences if we had more time. How incredible it is to see the possibilities now of partnering spirituality and technology as we did today.

We spoke in our brief encounter of the necessity of connection like ours and the urgency of connecting in prayer and practice for the survival of the planet. A now familiar adage tells us that we need to “be the change we want to see in the world.” That is really a call to each of us – and all of us. It is not essential for us all to do the same thing as a spiritual practice but it is imperative that we do something! Technology, even for those of us who are mystified by most of it, can help us and amaze us and find us new companions, just as the sharing of the meaning that we find on our spiritual journeys.

I highly recommend “taking the leap” and promise endless possibilities just for the effort of letting go!