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Gift of the Mask: Cuomo lauds retired farmer's gesture | Star Tribune

As I came to semi-consciousness this morning I felt an urge to pray for the courageous people whom we have come to know as those “on the front-line” and/or “first responders.” Not only was the impetus there but even the words of a prayer came at the same time. It was very early so I stayed in bed allowing the text to edit itself as I went in and out of waking and sleeping. As there was a very persistent and very loud bird outside, I finally gave in and now here I sit with all the words erased! Poetic justice, I guess, for not acting more quickly in answer to the creative angel who woke me up in the first place.

What I’ve realized in this empty space and time, however, was that my original consideration of such a prayer really came from a wonderful zoom call on Wednesday. After a wide-ranging discussion we reached our conclusion with our usual question: “What are you taking away from this gathering?” One of our lovely deep-thinkers responded by saying, “I’m taking the decision-makers…”

Today is May 15th, the day when New York State is scheduled to begin to “open” again from the “Stay home” order. So all New Yorkers need to listen to directives from government leadership and their own hearts to know what is safe and what is not in relation to Covid 19. For this, and for all citizens of our country going forward, I pray simply:

Grant us, O God, the generosity of spirit to follow the path of wisdom today and all days. May we act from care for the whole rather than simply comfort for ourselves. May trust be our strong companion and hope lift us up to know what is best in every situation. And may love be the motivation for all that we do or do not do on this day and in the days to come. Amen.