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I’ve just had a 40-minute quiet time with our cat on my lap. It was quite spontaneous. I sat down with my first cup of coffee in hopes of clearing my head and realized I forgot to bring my reading glasses downstairs. I thought just sitting quietly for awhile would be a good thing. Precious (yes, that’s really her name!) must have had the same thought because she looked at me from across the room. I sent her a telepathic “Okay, Come on!” and she immediately jumped down from her perch and landed on my lap. Neither of us disturbed the other at all. I just let my thoughts float through and disappear; she, I presume, did the same. It was as if we had made a pact of silence and immobility as her quiet presence called me to a deeper stillness.

I am grateful for those times of reflection and/or no thought which are more common than ever these days. Perhaps this is the best gift of staying at home. Although I have projects to last a lifetime that I could be doing, I am feeling less and less need to complete them at any particular time because I am learning more than ever the value of “just being.”

If you are schooled in responsibility, I would suggest taking some time (definitely more than you think necessary) to just sit, or go for a walk or, in any way that would be unusual, “waste” some time until doing so can start to feel good and the ensuing peace brings a smile to your face.